Team and team LEADER!

It is not same to be part of the team, and work as a team.  The best examples for this are football teams; on one side we have Real Madrid with dozens of super stars and not so great results. They have good results in business of selling jerseys and other product, but in the league they are not on the level as they want to be.  On the other side we have Manchester United with better results, less expensive stars and bigger profit.

The question is why?
M.U. Has a team leader an admiral for past 27 years, Sir Alex Ferguson, which gives this team continuity in mission, vision, and goals of M.U. As a team and company.  Furthermore there are several team members, players who are the backbone of the team in the last 15-20 years, Pole Scholes, Ryan Giggs, and Rio Ferdinand.

Another example, the Real Madrid has changed numerous coaches, players, the team has not had solid structure except the name which is popular and royal family, they are a Patron of the Real.

An individual cannot perform all tasks on his own. He needs the support as well as guidance of others to be excellent in whatever he does. Complex goals can easily be accomplished if individuals work together as a team. The Real is a group of individuals which are part of a team, and M.U. Is team assembled from individuals.

What is a team ?

A team is a group of individuals, all working together for a common purpose. The individuals comprising a team ideally should have common goals, common objectives and more or less think on the same lines. Individuals who are not compatible with each other can never form a team. They should have similar if not the same interests, thought processes, attitude, perception and likings.
A team must have individuals with a common objective to achieve. They should all work together and strive towards the achievement of a common goal.

 Difference between Group and Team?

A group is not necessarily a team. A group can have individuals with varied interests, attitude as well as thought processes. It is not necessary that the group members would have a common objective or a common goal to achieve. In group individuals gathered on a common platform but had dissimilar interests and likings. Some were in favor of the leader while some against.

 Team members!

The team members must complement each other. All team members should help each other and work in unison. Personal interests must take a back seat and all of them must deliver their level best to achieve the team objective. Team members must not argue among themselves or underestimate the other member.

Team leader!

The team leader is essential for the team, he or she will guide team two goals, and the leader must be the one who will carry the torch. That means to have a clear picture of vision and mission of a team, to create one if is necessary.  Team leader works not only for money, because money is just something that is compensation for work. Leaders are leaders after work, before work, 24/7, it’s their life. They can crush team members, get the best out of them, and be a mother, father to team members. They are loved at one time, heated in next but we are newer indifferent to them. To be a good team leader one rule is essential, and that is; TO QIUT DOES NOT EGZIST.
Individuals that cannot flow the real leaders are not supposed to be part of a team. There are many teams in la areas of lives, someone is bad, someone is good, most are average, but few are The BEST. Those teams can fall down, but they will eventually get back on the throne, because of the leader.

Dedicated to the best Serbian politician, philosopher, leader of all times, a man who had bad and weak individuals in his team Dr. Zoran Djindic , but strong enemies.

Braco Srbi vise postovanja su pokazali oni koji su povukli okidac nego ovi sto unistavaju njegov lik I djelo kroz takozvani nastavak puta Dr. Zorana Djindjica.


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